About Us

Benja Records is a family run record dealer business started in 2021 by Ben Thomas. Ben had finished his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Production in 2019 and wondered what would come next. 


Near the tail end of 2020 and after much lockdown-enforced introspection, Ben decided that he would like to sell vinyl records, and has been building stock and doing record fairs ever since. 


This website aims to grow with its stock and provide premium quality vinyl from various genres at affordable prices.


Aside from reasonable pricing, we here at Benja Records are making it our mission to provide an eclectic mix of genres. Anyone looking to find the old greats - David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the like, will find it here, but we also aim to stay up to date to reflect the tastes of Generation Z.


Our three main priorities as a brand are:

  • Authenticity - it is very easy nowadays to find a copy of your favourite record and order it, only to find that you have been sold a counterfeit record. It is the Benja Records guarantee that all studio albums sold on this website are 100% authentic, and all will be graded fairly according to the Goldmine condition grading system,
  • Open-mindedness - with the resurgence of vinyl as a hobby, we have seen a large age range of record enthusiasts. Whether you are starting the hobby from a young age or whether you are trying to rebuild or add to a collection that spans back decades, we aim to provide for you. Great music is great music regardless of genre, and this will be our philosophy while stocking a wide variety of records.
  • Evolution - Our aim is constant evolution. This website will endeavour to constantly grow and change to best optimise your customer experience. Any feedback is welcomed, and we plan to add further features the longer this website exists. Features to expect soon include an upcoming events page and a blog that Ben will use to info-dump about his musical interests.

Thank you for stopping by.